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By the time you finish reading this you will be able to answer the question, "Is bee pollen safe?" You will be ordering it as fast as you can because you will also learn here what makes it safe.

Bee pollen is extremely nutrient dense, and as a result it's good for the body in all respects. However, the better question is really, "What makes my bee pollen unsafe?"

There is a small company based in New Zealand that gathers and manufactures its bee pollen there. New Zealand has the lowest pollution of anywhere in the world and this company uses GMP standards for manufacturing.

This means that with no pollution and GMP standards, the pollen gathered by bees is safe and everything is inspected from start to finish.

Bee Pollen in the United States and China

Sadly, it's hard to say, but the pollen in the United States and China are not as safe as what you would order out of New Zealand. The reason for this is simple; the United States and China are high industry countries, with high rates of pollution which contaminate the pollen that the bees are collecting.

The sign that the bee population is dying off has nothing to do with cell phone bandwidths, but it does have everything to do with pesticides and insecticides.

Did you know that bees are selective about the plants they collect their pollen from? They will only gather high quality pollen, and if the plants they are inspecting don't have quality pollen they will move on. The next time the bees are out, watch them closely.

Notice that the bees don't stay at any one flower for very long. This is because they are having a tough time finding quality pollen from these flowers. As a result, they just keep moving and with less pollen to choose from they cannot survive.

Why Bees Collect Pollen

The fact that the bees are collecting pollen tells you that they plan to use it, and that is because they feed off of it in order to survive. Have you ever noticed their high energy level, and how they buzz around constantly? This is because they have high energy reserves from consuming pollen! Wouldn't it be nice to have that same energy level?

Pollen isn't bad for you at all; in fact it is so safe that European countries are using it to treat cancer, diabetes, and all forms of ailments and disease. However, the pollen from low industry countries is the best, and while we wish the United States would implement it into medical practice, medicine is a billion dollar industry in the United States, and it will never change.

In conclusion, bee pollen is safe for human consumption; the challenge is where the pollen is coming from. The United States and China are both high industry countries, which mean that there are high levels of pollution.

The use of pesticides and pollutants in the air is effecting the bee population because the bees are selective of the plants they collect pollen from.

Pollen is nutrient dense, and it can be a great addition to your daily supplementation. 乳幼児 花粉症

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