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Kathy MacDougall is Chief Business Architect at Zepheira which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage data across personal, group and enterprise boundaries. As Chief Business Architect, Kathy is responsible for analyzing clients' current business architecture and making recommendations for improvements to ensure successful adoption of new technology implementations.

Kathy has extensive experience leading enterprise-wide initiatives to help companies evaluate, manage and leverage their corporate data to increase revenues and uncover new business intelligence. Successes during her 20-year tenure in this field include creating data-based and knowledge management solutions for companies ranging in $500M to $11B in size, including such names as General Electric and Sun Microsystems.

Since 2000, Kathy has been implementing solutions using Semantic Web technologies. At Sun Microsystems, Kathy and her team led the first known large-scale corporate implementation of Semantic Web technologies which provides the foundation for dynamic delivery of content from across the organization. With the proper combination of technology and business infrastructure in place, Sun was able to achieve an estimated cost avoidance of $10M annually. Kathy and team were invited to provide their expert perspective on the role of Semantic Web technologies in business solutions at W3C's Technical Plenary in 2003. She is a graduate of Colgate University and has extensive training in processes improvement and affecting organizational change, including background in Six Sigma methodologies.


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