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Harry Tucker (http://www.harrytucker.com) is consumed by excellence in leadership incubation, collaboration and personal empowerment. He believes that current social, political and ecological conditions warrant a sense of urgency to incubate these leadership attributes in others. To that point, he and his associates work with recognized leaders in personal empowerment and leadership development to incubate skills and knowledge in others while igniting their passion to make effective contribution to the world.

Harry Tucker currently serves as a leadership incubator and strategy advisor to Fortune 100 Companies and has served Wall Street clients for almost 20 years. Previously Harry worked as an award-winning Senior Enterprise Strategy Advisor and Architect with Microsoft. He is the founder of the Microsoft Personal Empowerment Group, a private group within Microsoft dedicated to incubating the growth of personal and professional success. In 2005 Harry also incubated a goal setting and life architecture program for inner city youth.

In addition to enjoying life with his life partner Rowan and three wonderful kids, Harry enjoys fly fishing and reading, writing, studying, speaking and breathing personal empowerment principles.


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